The Court Concludes that Proposition 8 Is Unconstitutional

Thank you, Judge Walker, for carefully weighing the evidence, exposing the logical fallacies of the proponent’s arguments, and unmasking their attempt to impose their personal biases on how the law is applied to their fellow citizens: Proposition 8 fails to advance any rational basis in singling out gay men and

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Barbara and I finally got around to seeing Inception last night. Arthur joined us, too. We all came away feeling the movie was engaging, if not engrossing, but mostly because it was so complex that if you stopped paying attention for a few minutes you’d get lost. It also seemed,

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The Bechdel Test

What is the Bechdel test? Well, it’s a way of evaluating the roles that women play in movies, theater, etc. A piece of entertainment passes the Bechdel test when it: Has two women in it who Talk to each other About something other than a man This sounds like an

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Barbara and I just got back from seeing Salt, the new action adventure movie starring Angelina Jolie. Four thumbs up! Not a deep movie, mind you, but an excellent example of the action adventure genre. Caroline saw Inception tonight, and highly recommends it, too. In fact, she wants to buy

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Paging July!

Here it is, July 23rd on the San Francisco Peninsula, and summer has yet to really put in an appearance. Sheesh, there are times it feels like November or February or something! Except for the days being somewhat longer, of course. What’s even worse, I can’t deal with my wife

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Car Immobilizers and Age

What better way to start off a blog on nothing in particular than with a short story of the unintended consequences of growing old? I don’t know about you, but as I’ve gotten older I work hard at trying to learn, and sometimes do, new things. Partly that’s because I

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