Made It!

…in a couple of ways :).

Yesterday I finally got around to completing my “ride around the Bay” tour, which was interrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic. This time I picked up from where I left off and road around the southern part of the Bay. Here’s the route I took (click on the bike icons for notes about that location):

You can download the Google Maps/Earth gpx file here.

But yesterday was also my birthday. And the one where I turned 65.

As a kid I had two “milestone birthdays” in mind when I’d think about the future. The first was when I’d turn 45. Because that would (a) happen in the year 2000, a cool, round number; and (b) I’d be just shy of a billion and a half seconds old. Which, you know, has to count for something :).

But the other was turning 65. Because I couldn’t imagine how anyone could be that old and still be enjoying life.

Turns out I was wrong :). Sure, there are plenty of things I miss about being young, not the least of which is that even I can feel I’m not as sharp as I once was (others no doubt noticed that sooner :)).

But there are compensations. Like having a better appreciation for the importance of trying to make the world at least a bit better than it was when you arrived. Not sure that I’ve done that…but I know I’ve tried.

“Life never fails us. We fail it, unless we reach out.”

Nicholas van Rijn, Poleseotechnic merchant prince, 2456

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