Southern Honor Culture

I’ve been reading, and enjoying immensely, Transcendence, by Gaia Vince. I tell people that I hope everything she cites is documented and supported1 because she weaves such a wonderful tapestry about what it means to be human. Definitely worth a read.

The most recent chapter I’ve read includes a fascinating discussion of honor culture, with a focus on its Southern/Confederate expression. Here’s an excerpt2:

These kinds of behavior are deep-rooted…but they’re learned, and can therefore be unlearned. They can also be changed over time, with concerted effort.

Maybe it’s time we started teaching ourselves about ourselves :). So we, and our descendants, can do a better job of being human.

  1. not that I have any reason to doubt it is 

  2. Transcendence, (c) 2020 Gaia Vince, pages 170 – 173 

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