…and now it’s in the hands of the jury

His Rapist Fraudster Former Majesty’s criminal fate is now in the hands of a New York jury. Come, I will be honest with you1: I hope he gets convicted and ends up doing some time behind bars. I’ve followed the trial very closely and would have no problem finding him

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Individualism Uber Alles

One of the many things I learned while doing podcasts with Seth Rosenblatt was that individualism, in order to realize its fullest potential, must be exercised (at least for humans!) within a high functioning community. That’s because isolated humans must spend so much time taking care of basic life needs,

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Moose and the Lizard

This morning I heard Moose crying outside my office window, which usually means he wants to come inside. But when I opened the front door, he just sat there, underneath a small table we have outside, looking up at me. Cats being cats I figured he’d just changed his mind,

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Mark 1, Kudzu 0…Maybe

I love our back deck, and the arbor above it, which makes it pleasant to sit outside on those hot summer days. But there is one downside to the canopy: whatever the plant is — I call it “orange trumpet flower” for reasons that will be obvious once you glance

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Mammals Rule!

Well, at least for now… I just finished reading a fabulous natural history book, The Rise and Reign of the Mammals, by Steve Brusatte. It chronicles their (our!) origin from when they first split off from the last common ancestor of dinosaurs and mammals to the present day. What makes

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Some Life Advice

I lost a dear friend this week. Decades ago, when I first moved to California and knew literally no one, he and I would spend at least some time together every single day. No doubt that was helped by the fact our apartments were interior ones, back-to-back on the second

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