Coming Home

Beckwourth Pass (Day 4) The ride home from Antioch/Bridgehead was beautiful! Pleasant temperatures throughout. Plus, I managed to miss all the traffic. Starting out I realized I’d forgotten to turn on my Google Maps navigation for the route. “No problem!”, I thought. “I know this route well and studied it

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Cruising the Bayou

Beckwourth Pass (Day 3) The place I was staying at in Bucks Lake — Haskins Valley Inn — is owned and operated by two very entertaining women. Each of the bedrooms is beautifully decorated and very comfortable. I don’t normally eat breakfast — have to reserve calories for all the

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The Last Pass

Beckwourth Pass (Day 2) Well, for now. There are a few other less important Sierra Nevada passes I may add to my repertoire in the future. CA 49 from Auburn to Beckwourth Pass was a blast! Once you’re out of civilization the scenery is gorgeous — numerous rivers, spectacular valley

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Auburn Here We Come!

On the way to Beckwourth Pass (Day 1) The ride up to Auburn by way of Stockton was, as usual, fun! Better yet, it wasn’t unusually windy in the Altamount Pass area north of Livermore. Although the wind turbines were sure spinning! At one point it looked like they were

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Beckwourth Pass

After years of toil and trouble — not really, it was all a blast! — I finally completed a multi-year plan to ride my motorcycle over every one of the major Sierra Nevada passes that have paved roads. Those are, in the order in which I rode them: From north

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Waves in an Impossible Sea

If you were to browse my library, you’d quickly notice there are a lot of sci fi and science books in it. That’s probably because understanding how the world works has always been a passion of mine1. I still remember the couple of pamphlets I picked up at some science

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