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Ride ’em, Cowboy!

The other day Barbara & I were flying back from Grand Junction, Colorado after taking a wonderfully scenic Amtrak train ride from Denver (definitely worth doing, BTW). Our route home to the Bay Area had us connect through Salt Lake City Airport. Which I will strive mightily to never, ever,

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Those Pesky Political Economy isms

This post was sparked by an exchange on Facebook about communism, socialism and capitalism. At one point the following argument was made: “Communism or socialism has never worked, anywhere. Human nature will not permit it. As to whether socialism can ever really work, I wholly doubt it. Give me one

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A Quick Take on mRNA Vaccines

This post was sparked by a question someone asked me about the new mRNA COVID-19 vaccines. Don’t take this all to the bank but I think it’s pretty accurate :). Here’s the original question: I’m trying to grok mRNA technology. My current perspectives: It’s “brand new” technology. Maybe 10 years

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Take Back the Brand!

It’s time for a revolution in liberal/progressive thinking. For most of my life – I’m 65 – the term “patriot” was owned by various flavors of right-wing groups. Some of them, like the John Birch Society, as extreme as anything around today. To be a patriot you had to damn

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To the Engineer and Financial Analyst…

…involved in designing and determining the budget for building, my bookcase, greetings! Engineer If you thought creating a drawer-locking design which had a hidden mouse-trap in it was a reasonable thing to do please turn in your degree and your professional credentials to their issuing institutions. Because you’re a nitwit.

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Sometimes You Have to Work to See the Simpler Solution

I really love my Dynaplug portable tire inflator…except for one thing. You have to screw the hose onto the tire valve, which, because motorcycle tires don’t offer a lot of clearance, means you tend to lose air when you unscrew the hose. Oftentimes a lot because Yamaha didn’t pay a

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