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Bring the Antimatter Injectors Back Online and Rig for Warp Drive

Since originally posting this I realized the dynamometer data I was using measured the torque being produced at the wheel not at the engine crankshaft. Consequently, my reducing the “engine torque” to reflect drive train losses was incorrect (I was double-counting the effective losses). I’ve updated the files and charts

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The Lab Leak Hypothesis

I found this article from the latest issue of Nature to be very helpful in cutting through the confusion boiling around the search for the origins of COVID-19.

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Rock On!

Our daughter is pursuing an audio engineering career in Brooklyn, New York. While she’s done a number of projects that have gone public (including a Grammy nominee) I’m pretty sure this is the first album listing her as the recording engineer. It gives me great pride to see my daughter

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Ride ’em, Cowboy!

The other day Barbara & I were flying back from Grand Junction, Colorado after taking a wonderfully scenic Amtrak train ride from Denver (definitely worth doing, BTW). Our route home to the Bay Area had us connect through Salt Lake City Airport. Which I will strive mightily to never, ever,

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Those Pesky Political Economy isms

This post was sparked by an exchange on Facebook about communism, socialism and capitalism. At one point the following argument was made: “Communism or socialism has never worked, anywhere. Human nature will not permit it. As to whether socialism can ever really work, I wholly doubt it. Give me one

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A Quick Take on mRNA Vaccines

This post was sparked by a question someone asked me about the new mRNA COVID-19 vaccines. Don’t take this all to the bank but I think it’s pretty accurate :). Here’s the original question: I’m trying to grok mRNA technology. My current perspectives: It’s “brand new” technology. Maybe 10 years

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