The Long and Winding Road

Route 36 is a famous (at least among motorcycle afficionados) state highway in California. Why is it famous? Because it supposedly has the most curves of any highway in the state. People claim more than 2,000 in a particular 130 or so mile stretch of it…which works out to be

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We Have Flowers!

Come springtime, we are surrounded at 286 Chestnut by so many beautiful flowers it’s easy to forget to appreciate them. You can view the entire album here. Enjoy!

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Seas of Flowers

And mountains carpeted in them (click any of the images to enlarge them). That’s what you’ll find if you visit the Carrizo Plain after a super-bloom. It’s in what I think of as the Empty Quarter of California1, east of Atascadero and west of the San Joaquin Valley. Very few

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Natchez and New Orleans

We stopped for lunch in Natchez after we left Vicksburg. We’d rented a car and wanted to see more of Mississippi and Louisiana than you get to see from an interstate. Natchez holds the distinction of being the first European settlement along the Mississippi River, predating New Orleans. Probably because

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Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory

Our friend Brian wanted to see at least one Civil War battlefield on our trip. Given that we were coming down the Mississippi there were quite a few to choose from…but if you only have time to see one, the choice is obvious: Vicksburg. Which was just as important a

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Adios, Chicago!

At least for now. Thanx for giving us such great weather! We spent the last couple of days in Chicago visiting the Art Institute, the Lincoln Park Zoo and the Chicago History Museum. We’d been to the Institute last Fall but it’s so big and diverse it’s always worth a

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