Sherman Pass, Day 5: Home!

Well, almost. I made it back to our place in Santa Cruz, so this will be the last post related to this trip. Today’s route took me up the Monterey Peninsula from San Simeon, where I stayed last night. The weather was typical summer coastal — overcast and cool, never

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Sherman Pass, Day 4

Since most of today’s ride was going to be across the San Joaquin Valley — in the heat — I decided to get an early start and replace my normal kick-off-the-day cup of coffee with a little motorcycle-induced adrenaline. Worked like a charm! I descended out of Kernville and the

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Sherman Pass, Day 3

Today was the real Sherman Pass day. As in I was actually going to ride through the pass. I’d been a bit nervous the night before, with the fear manifesting itself mostly as “what if I run out of gas in the middle of nowhere?” I love my Yamaha FJR-1300ES,

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Sherman Pass, Day 2

After a rocky launch this trip has quickly turned into one of my favorites. Cruising through all sorts of different Californias, spectacular vistas, giant trees…and the twistiest road I’ve ever ridden! What’s not to like? Before leaving Coalinga for the Sierras I happened to do some more research on the

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Sherman Pass, Day 1

Well, I finally got to Coalinga. But man, what a bunch of silly little frustrations along the way! First, it was raining in San Carlos when I woke up…which kind of offset my having delayed the start of my trip by two days so as to avoid the rain. The

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Sherman Pass, Day 0

I’d been itching to do a multi-day motorcycle trip for months. I hadn’t been on one in several years due to the pandemic, but now that things like lodging are sort of back to normal it was time. Initially I was going to do the Lost Coast, the bulge in

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