Can You Spot the Bent Handle?

Because I sure didn’t until the other day. And neither did two or three different technicians who serviced my bike before the new place I went to yesterday did.

I’m pretty sure the clutch handle (the bent one, on the left) got damaged a couple of years ago, a day or two after I brought my new bike home. I made a really stupid mistake and dropped it on its left side while loading it in my driveway, breaking the left-side mirror mount. Replacing that cost quite a bit of money at the dealership.

But the dealer’s techs never noticed the bent handle. Nor did the place I went to for service since then.

For my part I only noticed that whenever I’d stop riding for a while my clutch hand would be sore when I started back up. But I chalked that up to my hand getting out of shape.

Oddly enough, this most recent service call was triggered by the nagging feeling the clutch was worn and disengaging too quickly.

So you can imagine my surprise when the latest tech told me “There’s nothing wrong with your clutch; it’s not even really worn too much. But have you noticed the clutch handle is really bent?”

Ah, no, apparently not :).

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