Lost Coast: Phase 1

…and we’re off! Well, we will be in about 30 minutes :).

First step: get to Garberville, California.
First challenge: survive the wilds of US 101 in Marin County πŸ™‚

I made it to Garberville, California after a five hour ride and a 45 minute stop for lunch and gas. Boy, hours spent at freeway speeds are a lot more tiring than I expected given that you’re mostly just cruising in a straight line or along sweeping curves. Maybe it’s the pavement bumps hitting you at a constant high rate or something.

Regardless, the ride was a blast because the scenery was beautiful, and beautifully different, all along the way. Thanx to the heavy rains last winter we have a bumper crop of golden grass1 punctuated by healthy, dark green trees and shrubs. All the rivers and creeks still have a lot of water in them, too!

The last miles of today’s trip, when you’re cruising through redwood forests, was particularly memorable. Besides the constantly changing dappled sunlight patterns, and the intense red and green colors, there’s nothing quite like riding past a four foot in diameter redwood tree to drive home just how amazing California is.

a few pictures from today’s journey…

Why San Francisco decided to call this the Great Highway is beyond me. It’s not a particularly impressive highway and, in fact, it’s one of the more lightly-traveled highways in the entire city. It is a great place to sometimes have to dodge sand dunes that sweep across it. And the timing on the traffic lights along are synchronized down to the second for a speed of 40 MPH, which I guess is also great. But still…

The main reason I cross the Golden Gate via the Great Highway is because I will never, ever tire of seeing this monumental structure rise up over the horizon as I approach it from the south. It isn’t always visible, because of fog, but when it is it is absolutely breathtaking.

And then you get to ride across it!

I almost always take the time to pull into the visitor center on the north side to admire the bridge and the city beyond it.

  1. That’s why it’s called the Golden State, by the way. It’s not because of the Gold Rush. 

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  1. Surviving Marin drivers is simple. Put a bumper sticker on your bike that reads, “If you can read this bumper sticker you are squishing my tofu.”

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