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I Admit It…

However our Presidential election turns out — and it looks like truthiness and decency are going to prevail — I am getting way too much enjoyment out of the long, thorough vote counting process. Because while every day it lasts is one more day I have to live with uncertainty

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Reaching Out to 1,000 New Friends!

This election is the most important one in almost a century. We have a fundamental choice to make. Do we want to remain a nation committed to giving everyone an opportunity for a better life or not? Do we value leadership and caring about others or showmanship and grabbing what

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Voting Is the Key

Barbara & I are busy sending out letters to infrequent voters in battleground states urging them to vote this November. It’s easy, fun, and more rewarding, IMHO, than making donations to political campaigns1. One site that makes writing letters simple is Vote Forward. They generate the letters, you download them,

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The Cannon of Science Fiction

This post was triggered by something one of my favorite authors, John Scalzi, wrote about the incessant “war” between science fiction aficionados regarding what’s canon. But I couldn’t resist the pun :). The debate over what’s canon is an interesting one. Scalzi makes a number of great points about how

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The Freedom to Be an Anti-social Twit

I’ve always been impressed by the number of hidden clauses and amendments the U.S. Constitution has. There’s the one that says you must always distrust the government regardless of the evidence. The one stating you have the right to be a delusional paranoid when you think your personal interests might

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Southern Honor Culture

I’ve been reading, and enjoying immensely, Transcendence, by Gaia Vince. I tell people that I hope everything she cites is documented and supported1 because she weaves such a wonderful tapestry about what it means to be human. Definitely worth a read. The most recent chapter I’ve read includes a fascinating

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