That Wouldn’t Be Good…

I was kinda bummed when I missed out on some good riding weather last week. Why didn’t I get out? Well, because Yamaha announced a safety recall on my FJR-1300. Apparently, under high enough load, the second gear can, uhh, disintegrate. Which has the unfortunate side effect of locking up

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The Best Butternut Squash Soup

…at least so far :). One of the things I like to cook during what passes for winter in the Bay Area is soup. The thicker and more flavorful the better. There’s nothing like sitting down to a big bowl of warm, tasty soup and some nice crusty bread on

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Adios, Trump!

Before listening to Biden’s inaugural speech I had plans to video me burning a huge hole in this yard sign, and then edit it to show Biden & Harris revealed in the flames. But Joe’s right, we need to move away from the rancor…which doesn’t mean turning a blind eye

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Who Said Antennas Have to Be Outside a House?

A couple of years ago we ditched Comcast as our source of video, phone and internet service in favor of AT&T Fiber, Roku and a bunch of streaming services. For the speed Comcast offered it was way too pricey. But our setup doesn’t handle live events — sports, breaking news

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Fun at the San Mateo Daily Journal

After Seth and I wrote a brief letter to the editor in response to Matt Grocott’s disturbing editorial a number of people submitted comments online to our letter. Here’s an excerpt of the “best” ones. My responses are below the quotes. Mr. Olbert, Among your many Letters to the Editor

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Keeping Things in Perspective

A few years back I started using photos of distant galaxies as desktop wallpaper. Why? Because they’re beautiful…and because they serve as a reminder about how small even seemingly monumental problems are in the scheme of things. The nearest major galaxy not orbiting the Milky Way is Andromeda, at about

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