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It's About The Future

As we move into the final stages of the Trump impeachment hearings it’s worth remembering this: it’s about much more than removing him from office. Not because he doesn’t deserve being kicked to the curb; he does. But that was never really a possible outcome, given how he has taken

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Empirical Value of Not-So-Big Lies

Hitler famously opined about the value of a lie so big people would believe it because they couldn’t believe anyone would “have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously”. But I’ve long suspected little lies, if repeated often enough, can have a similar effect. Turns out there may be empirical evidence

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Murphy's Law, Variant 2,697

I’m continually surprised — which doesn’t say much for my intelligence — about how valid Murphy’s Law is. If something can go wrong, in a bizarre way, it generally will. Take losing stuff. I own a Garmin InReach Mini, a satellite SMS device which lets me send and receive text

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Thoughts on Trump's Impeachment

Determining the facts in a criminal trial (or just in general in life) is one of the hardest things in the world to do if the circumstances involve competing self-interests. Scientists have it way easier because while nature may be obscure there is no agency actively trying to spin the

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The Importance of Failure

We all talk about learning from failure and we teach our offspring they shouldn’t be afraid to fail. OTOH, as my good friend Seth pointed out years ago, we never tell them “Get out on the soccer field and lose so you’ll learn to play soccer better!” Today at a

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Politics and Believing in an End Time

Normally I just post interesting articles like this directly to social media platforms. But this one is so thought-provoking, at least to me, that I wanted to write a frame around it. The article in question is in Rolling Stone and is entitled False Idol: Why the Christian Right Worships

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