…But They’re So Beautiful

I’ve always loved bougainvillea plants since I first encountered them decades ago after moving to California. Their flowers come in amazingly vibrant colors, and the shape of both the plant and the flowers themselves is very striking. But they do have their downsides (click any photo to see it enlarged):

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That Crazy Murphy Working Overtime!

Everyone is familiar with Murphy’s Law: Anything that can go wrong will go wrong. It’s a sad fact of life, no doubt related to entropy. But sometimes the !Q#$#@!$% works overtime. I had one of those experiences today. Last night as I was getting ready for bed I noticed my

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Sherman Pass Trip

After a long COVID-19 related hiatus, I finally managed to do a long-planned multi-day ride. Initially my plan was to head up the California coast to what’s called the Lost Coast1. But that got stymied by on-going rain forecasts. So instead I opted to head south and west to knock

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Watch Out for Those Preconceptions!

My very first solo trip on an airplane was when I was 17 and visiting St. Louis to check out Washington University. I got there a day early and wanted to explore the city. Since this was years before I could’ve rented a car it meant a hike. Which was

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Sherman Pass, Day 5: Home!

Well, almost. I made it back to our place in Santa Cruz, so this will be the last post related to this trip. Today’s route took me up the Monterey Peninsula from San Simeon, where I stayed last night. The weather was typical summer coastal — overcast and cool, never

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Sherman Pass, Day 4

Since most of today’s ride was going to be across the San Joaquin Valley — in the heat — I decided to get an early start and replace my normal kick-off-the-day cup of coffee with a little motorcycle-induced adrenaline. Worked like a charm! I descended out of Kernville and the

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