Those Pesky Political Economy isms

This post was sparked by an exchange on Facebook about communism, socialism and capitalism. At one point the following argument was made: “Communism or socialism has never worked, anywhere. Human nature will not permit it. As to whether socialism can ever really work, I wholly doubt it. Give me one

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A Quick Take on mRNA Vaccines

This post was sparked by a question someone asked me about the new mRNA COVID-19 vaccines. Don’t take this all to the bank but I think it’s pretty accurate :). Here’s the original question: I’m trying to grok mRNA technology. My current perspectives: It’s “brand new” technology. Maybe 10 years

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Take Back the Brand!

It’s time for a revolution in liberal/progressive thinking. For most of my life – I’m 65 – the term “patriot” was owned by various flavors of right-wing groups. Some of them, like the John Birch Society, as extreme as anything around today. To be a patriot you had to damn

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To the Engineer and Financial Analyst…

…involved in designing and determining the budget for building, my bookcase, greetings! Engineer If you thought creating a drawer-locking design which had a hidden mouse-trap in it was a reasonable thing to do please turn in your degree and your professional credentials to their issuing institutions. Because you’re a nitwit.

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Sometimes You Have to Work to See the Simpler Solution

I really love my Dynaplug portable tire inflator…except for one thing. You have to screw the hose onto the tire valve, which, because motorcycle tires don’t offer a lot of clearance, means you tend to lose air when you unscrew the hose. Oftentimes a lot because Yamaha didn’t pay a

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Back on the Road!

Got Zeb back from Grand Prix Powersports after they completed three (!!) safety recall repairs. They did their usual great job. Two of the repairs were relatively minor but one involved upgrading the transmission so second gear wouldn’t disintegrate under excessive load. Which would, all things considered, be A Really

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