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Southern Honor Culture

I’ve been reading, and enjoying immensely, Transcendence, by Gaia Vince. I tell people that I hope everything she cites is documented and supported1 because she weaves such a wonderful tapestry about what it means to be human. Definitely worth a read. The most recent chapter I’ve read includes a fascinating

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An Interesting Problem with Tankless Water Heaters

More specifically, condensing tankless water heaters. The non-condensing kinds don’t suffer from this problem…but they’re not commonly used because the condensing ones are much more energy efficient for not much more cost. A tankless water heater produces hot water on demand. When you turn on the hot tap it senses

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Made It!

…in a couple of ways :). Yesterday I finally got around to completing my “ride around the Bay” tour, which was interrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic. This time I picked up from where I left off and road around the southern part of the Bay. Here’s the route I took

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Honoring the South

After writing this I realized some may well find me “nominating” people who owned slaves as not in keeping with rejecting slavery. It’s a fair point. For me it’s a matter of looking at the total picture of the person’s life, as best I understand it. But — more importantly

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Can You Spot the Bent Handle?

Because I sure didn’t until the other day. And neither did two or three different technicians who serviced my bike before the new place I went to yesterday did. I’m pretty sure the clutch handle (the bent one, on the left) got damaged a couple of years ago, a day

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Read This Book! (Transcendence)

About once a decade I come across a book conveying so many fascinating insights that it stands out in my memory, forever, as a “boy I’m glad I found this before I died” experience. Two of those are The River that Flows Uphill by William Calvin and Guns, Germs and

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