A Wet and Windy Winter

California’s recently been the target of more than the usual number of atmospheric rivers and bomb cyclones. I thought it might be fun to share some observations from where we live (San Carlos) to document just what the weather’s been like: A few reactions:

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Buffalo, 45 Years On

What sparked this trip was an invitation to the wedding of one of my college housemate’s daughters. She, too, had graduated from the State University of New York at Buffalo. Known today as the University at Buffalo, but almost always referred to, then and now, as UB. Unlike her dad

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Horseshoe Falls

I’ve always wondered why the Horseshoe Falls aren’t just called Niagra Falls. They’re powered by — like the Niagra Falls on the American side — the Niagra River. And, while they’re shaped somewhat like a horseshoe they are, more importantly, much, much bigger and more impressive than Niagra Falls. My

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Toronto, Day 2: Art Gallery of Toronto

For our second day in Toronto we decided to check out the Art Gallery of Ontario, or AGO as it is commonly known. This turned out to be great timing on our part, because the weather was overcast-to-raining most of the day. The AGO has a wide variety of collections,

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Toronto, Day 1: Royal Ontario Museum

We are fortunate to have a good friend who grew up in Ontario and is familiar with the Toronto scene. One of his recommendations was that we visit the Royal Ontario Museum…which was fabulous! I love natural history museums, but sometimes get overwhelmed by them if their displayed collections are

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Toronto: Day 1

We’d been a little nervous about visiting Toronto in November because, well, it can get cold and rainy. But we lucked out! Our first day here was quite beautiful, with mostly blue skies. In contrast to what we left behind in San Carlos, which was colder, windier and damper. We

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