Finding Lost Cats

Our cat, Moose, was unaccounted for recently for well over 24 hours, far longer than he’d ever stayed away from home before. We eventually found him — safe & sound, enjoying some private hunting/hiding time a bit further from home than he’d been known to go before — but were naturally concerned until we did.

In reaching out to our neighborhood online we learned a few things that we’re memorializing here.

  • Beyond Facebook and NextDoor, post information about missing pets on and PetCoLove.
  • Visit local animal shelters every couple of days. They don’t always have the staff and volunteer resources to follow up as quickly as they’d like with pets that have been turned in.
  • Provide the shelters with pictures/posters of your pet.
  • A good time to look for your cat is at night. Bring a flashlight and check under cars, because they often like to hide there.
  • Most cats, even when lost, tend to stick close by where they live.
  • Ask your neighbors to check their garages and check your own. Cats like to hunt/hide in garages.
  • Special thanx to Angela White and Gary M. for providing these tips!

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  1. Keep photos of your cat for identification in case of loss. A photo taken in a full standing position is useful because that is often how a cat will be seen when lost. Note the features on your cat that would help identify it if lost.

    Alert the neighborhood children to watch for your cat.

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