That Crazy Murphy Working Overtime!

Everyone is familiar with Murphy’s Law:

Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.

It’s a sad fact of life, no doubt related to entropy.

But sometimes the !Q#$#@!$% works overtime.

I had one of those experiences today. Last night as I was getting ready for bed I noticed my wallet — which I generally keep in my back pants pocket — was not there. I assumed it was somewhere downstairs, so I’d just grab it in the morning.


In fact, it wasn’t anywhere. Not only not in the usual places it might be, but also not in the low probability places — stuck between couch cushions — that it’s occasionally migrated to.

Worse yet, the last time I knew for a fact I had it was the prior day down in Santa Cruz. After tearing apart our San Carlos home I had no choice but to drive an hour down and back to Santa Cruz to comb the vacation place we co-own with Barbara’s sister. As well as visiting both the restaurant where I’d used a credit card from my wallet to pay for lunch, and the parking garage where I might’ve afterwards used a card to pay for parking.

Nada. Total zilch.

Throughout all of this what was really confusing was that no one had tried to use any of my credit cards to purchase anything (I kept checking for activity online throughout the day). Who would pick up a wallet, not turn it in to lost and found, and not use one of its credit cards to buy something?!?

Granted, it could’ve been someone who was only interested in cash. Which I don’t carry in my wallet. At which point said person would likely just chuck the wallet away.

Driving home I resigned myself to having to spend all day tomorrow canceling cards and obtaining a new/temporary driver’s license1.

But since that was tomorrow’s activity, I figured I might as well spend tonight looking in even more oddball places. On the off chance that the wallet might still be in my “possession”.

You can imagine my surprise when I pulled back the piece of furniture at the foot of our bed and saw this:

The odds on the wallet falling out of my pants when I was changing and just happening to slip through the tiny gap between the bed and that piece of furniture — or bouncing on the carpeted floor so it ended up behind the furniture — defies imagination.

But that’s Murphy for you.

  1. By a quirk of fate that only Murphy would relish we have a big trip planned for next week where I need to have a driver’s license in my possession so I can rent a car. 

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