Sometimes You Have to Work to See the Simpler Solution

I really love my Dynaplug portable tire inflator…except for one thing. You have to screw the hose onto the tire valve, which, because motorcycle tires don’t offer a lot of clearance, means you tend to lose air when you unscrew the hose. Oftentimes a lot because Yamaha didn’t pay a lot of attention to the size and orientation of the valve stems.

So I wanted to find a better tire inflator, one with either a larger screw fitting (providing more leverage and a more secure grip) or a locking tire chuck.

Only there weren’t any available at any of the online stores I frequent (including Amazon). All the ones I found had a non-trivial proportion of user complaints about how they’d fail unexpectedly, or were too large to store in the FJR’s panniers.

After hours of searching I found myself wishing Dynaplug had fitted a locking tire chuck to their inflator…at which point I realized “hey, maybe all I need to find is a locking tire chuck that can fit onto the Dynaplug!”

Yep, those exist:

…and they cost less than $10. Problem solved!

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