Keeping Things in Perspective

A few years back I started using photos of distant galaxies as desktop wallpaper. Why? Because they’re beautiful…and because they serve as a reminder about how small even seemingly monumental problems are in the scheme of things.

The nearest major galaxy not orbiting the Milky Way is Andromeda, at about 2.5 million light years. Every other galaxy you’ve ever seen a picture of lies further away…and our sun would not be visible, even in the Hubble Telescope, more than just a bit past Andromeda. Given the distribution of star sizes that means essentially all the untold billions of sun-like stars beyond the Milky Way can’t be seen from Earth, even from orbit…and, similarly, anyone out there looking around couldn’t see us.

The Tadpole Galaxy, 400 million light years from Earth (168x the distance to Andromeda)

Definitely puts “real world problems” in perspective.

Which I find comforting during times of great “local” stress. Like now, when we’re dealing with the fallout from that crazed terrorist attack, fomented by President Trump, on the Capitol last week.

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