Fun at the San Mateo Daily Journal

After Seth and I wrote a brief letter to the editor in response to Matt Grocott’s disturbing editorial a number of people submitted comments online to our letter. Here’s an excerpt of the “best” ones. My responses are below the quotes.

Mr. Olbert,
Among your many Letters to the Editor was one on character. As we are aware, how things are said can matter as much as what is said. You might want to reflect on that. And while you are at it, refresh your understanding of logical fallacies and civil discourse.

Wilfred Fernandez Jr Jan 13, 2021 11:55am

I did. Too bad Matt didn’t.

Mr. Olbert,
Matt did not attack you. That is the difference with regards to my point. Character.

Wilfred Fernandez Jr

Disagreeing with someone’s opinion is not attacking their character, Wilfred. If it was I’d feel attacked by your comments. But all I feel is amused, and sorry for you.

What a shame that men of intellect, such as Mr. Olbert, do not present themselves as thoughtful leaders. It really is a simple task. I pray my first impression of him comes to fruition.

Wilfred Fernandez Jr

Sadly, Wilfred, I think you’re going to be disappointed. Because you have an odd view of what it means to be a thoughtful leader. “Thoughtful” does not mean “agrees with Wilfred”.

Childish and pathetic. He never said he wanted to take part in violence.

wlydecker Jan 13, 2021 9:12am

Read up on Sherlock Holmes and the dog in the night. What’s not heard can be as important as what is.

I did “read up on” “Philip’s Code: No News is Good News – to a Killer,” which said “the truth is the sum of the facts, not some of the facts.”


Blah, blah, blah, another day, another outrage letter that conveniently memory-holes the death and destruction wrought by the idiot BLM and Antifa goons and the storming of the Capitol during the Kavanaugh hearings. And let’s not forget the storming of the White House by these same goons last May.

Terence Y Jan 13, 2021 8:50am

Violence to overthrow the government is a little different from violence against injustice or violence against property. It’s fascinating how many on “the right” fail to understand that.

Sorry, Mr. Olbert, you’ll need to think of a valid reason. If there was actually an effort to overthrow the government, half a million patriots could do a lot more damage than the few embedded Antifa folks did. It’s fascinating how many on “the left” try to justify their actions with excuses when their side is guilty of untoward behavior. BTW, thanks for acknowledging the violence from the idiot BLM and Antifa goons. In your opinion, I guess their storming of the White House last May was also just a misunderstanding and not an effort to overthrow the government.

Terence Y

Terence, you must live in an alternate reality, as I don’t recall hearing about anyone storming the White House last year. I do recall the White House, as it were, storming a bunch of protestors so some idiot could hold a Bible — upside down — in a photo – op. You should try living in the “real” reality. As challenging as it gets sometimes it’s a much better place than the one you appear to inhabit.

So Mark, now you are trying to put words into the mouth of the author. Your side never stops amazing me. I too would have gone to DC if I had the time and money. Freedom is not free, I would expect many more demonstrations from those Americans who will not let Biden or Harris have one moment of breathing room. Similar to how president Trump was treated his entire four years. Just prepare yourself for it so that you can continue your faux shock. I believe this country is too torn apart to ever come back together, you will see that manifestation out on the streets of America. Letting you know so that you can write about.

Patrick Henry

Congratulations! You seem to be well on your way to being a bona fide enemy of the community! Have you been reported to law enforcement yet?

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