The End of an Error

My good friend Seth is a wonderful writer…who also happens to share my views of His (Soon to be Former Thank Ghu) Majesty :). This is an article from his holiday newsletter I thought worth sharing. It’s been very lightly edited for the online environment

The End of an Error

This publication has long lamented the transformation of this country into one that tolerates idiocy, however we never predicted it would be one that celebrates it. Just as Trump convinced his followers that more
COVID cases were merely the result of more testing, giving an IQ test to more Americans would clearly just reveal an increased number of morons (if only Pfizer could develop a vaccine for that!)

Hollywood would have rejected the script called “America in 2020” as beyond plausibility. No one would believe a storyline of a president who could be both so corrupt and inept at the same time, simultaneously
an autocrat and a snowflake. The script would strain credibility when the leader and his sycophants would host or inspire the country’s worst pandemic super-spreader events, openly harming his own supporters
who get their source of patriotic “truth” from a network owned by an Australian. The movie would devolve into ridiculousness as Senators openly admit to corruption and hypocrisy while stealing a seat on the
Supreme Court. And certainly no one would believe that “America’s Mayor” would cement his legacy by both getting caught with his hands in his pants as well as figuratively and literally melting in front of our eyes in a clumsy coup attempt. The truly implausible climax of the movie would have a bunch of hard-working scientists develop a vaccine to save tens of millions who don’t believe in science – the ultimate ironic
ending where RNA vaccine technology saves a country of people who can’t spell RNA.

Of course, we’re not out of the woods just yet, as Biden has an almost impossible job to undo Trump’s transformation of America into a shithole country. We still have tens of millions of Americans who think Fox news isn’t wacky enough for them, don’t believe systemic racism exists, yet view wearing a piece of cloth on your face as an existential threat to their liberty. And I wouldn’t hold my breath for Mitch McConnell to have some epiphany where he rises above his venality to work for the betterment of the country. So just in case, we have all memorized the lyrics to O Canada!

On the bright side, if Trump goes to prison in 2021 (see this exciting new game), at least he’ll have a chance to return to TV in the new season of Orange is the New Black. Regardless, I’m sure that the
White House chef is looking forward to cooking vegetables again.

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