I Admit It…

However our Presidential election turns out — and it looks like truthiness and decency are going to prevail — I am getting way too much enjoyment out of the long, thorough vote counting process. Because while every day it lasts is one more day I have to live with uncertainty it’s also one more day that His Majesty has to stare into the abyss he’s created and twist in the wind.

And that makes up for a lot ????.

By the way, the article from which I cribbed this photo is worth reading. Apparently schadenfreude may have evolved as a means of re-enforcing the value of cooperation over pure self-interest. It appears to be triggered when we see an unfair or unequal situation resolve itself by someone getting their comeuppance.

Which makes it the perfect emotion to mark what are hopefully the final days of the worst President in American history ????.


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