Reaching Out to 1,000 New Friends!

This election is the most important one in almost a century. We have a fundamental choice to make. Do we want to remain a nation committed to giving everyone an opportunity for a better life or not? Do we value leadership and caring about others or showmanship and grabbing what we can for ourselves?

Like many we’re doing what we can to support Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and the Democratic Party in their effort to get us back on track. We’ve been blessed enough to be able to make donations to many candidates who we believe are electable and can make a difference.

But money alone isn’t enough. Barbara learned of a website, Vote Forward, built on a simple premise: ordinary Americans writing to other ordinary Americans who may not vote all that frequently, encouraging them to exercise their rights in this critical election.

Today we dropped off one thousand hand-written letters to be mailed to our new friends.

And you know what? It felt damned good to do it!

Make a difference.

Let your voice be heard.


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