Voting Is the Key

Barbara & I are busy sending out letters to infrequent voters in battleground states urging them to vote this November. It’s easy, fun, and more rewarding, IMHO, than making donations to political campaigns1.

One site that makes writing letters simple is Vote Forward. They generate the letters, you download them, print them out, add your personal perspective, and hold onto them until the targeted mailing date2.

The letters ask you to write why you yourself vote3. It’s been fun to think about how to express my motivation as simply as possible4. Here’s my current take:

I vote because I want my voice, along with everyone else’s, to be heard. We need to open the door to a better future for all of us, and voting is the key.

I hope you can make time to do something similar, either through Vote Forward or a different organization. This will be one of the most important elections in American history.

  1. Although those are important, too :)! 

  2. Currently late October 

  3. I’ve only missed two elections in my life…and I still feel guilty about it. 

  4. I have poor handwriting because the way I learned to hold a pen or pencil is pretty painful, so short is good :). 

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