Uh oh…

Yesterday I took my second stay-within-5-miles ride, this time starting south down 101 to Marsh Road and looping around 280 to 92 to 101 to home. A fun time because of the near total lack of traffic!

Well, except for when, early on, I glanced over at my phone — in it’s RAM X-Mount on the handlebar — and…where the frack is my phone?!?

It was vibrating against the side of my gas tank. Held precariously in place by that tiny Lightning connector.

I have no idea how or why it popped loose. US 101 isn’t the smoothest road in the world but I hadn’t gone over any bumps or potholes, or done any sharp swerves or abrupt speed changes. One second the phone is in its cradle the next it’s on the way to that Phone Graveyard in the Sky.

This was the second time I’d had this happen in the last year1. Fortunately I did a better job of reacting this time, remembering that replacing a $1,000 phone is a lot cheaper than undergoing $200,000 worth of hospitalization2.

But I think it’s time to find a different phone mount.

  1. Then, too, there hadn’t been any unusual bumps or swerves preceding the phone popping loose. 

  2. That wasn’t what caused my accident years ago. And while funerals are a lot cheaper than being hospitalized they’re, uh, contra-indicated. 

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