Another Make America Great Again Survey…

I got a letter from Mike Pence the other day, exhorting me to stop these evil socialist Democrats from destroying the American Way Of Life (I’d earlier gotten one from His Majesty).

Rather than toss it in the recycling bin I thought I’d have some fun with it…and let you share in the effort!

I scanned the letter into a Microsoft Word document, which you can download via the link below it and then edit:

When you’re done mail your response to:

Attn: Vice President Mike Pence
National Republican Congressional Committee
PO Box 98219
Washington DC 20077-4591

I’m sure they’ll appreciate hearing from you.

Oh, and if you’d like, you can include some fake tender, too:

You can download the image file by clicking on it (the sharing/download control will be in the upper right corner of the expanded viewer). Printing it out at about 41% scale seems about right.

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