Murphy's Law, Variant 2,697

I’m continually surprised — which doesn’t say much for my intelligence — about how valid Murphy’s Law is. If something can go wrong, in a bizarre way, it generally will.

Take losing stuff. I own a Garmin InReach Mini, a satellite SMS device which lets me send and receive text messages from pretty much anywhere I have a view of the sky. It’s about two inches long by an inch or so wide and it’s mostly bright orange. You’d think it’d be hard to misplace, as long as you put it in one of the “standard” places we all have for such things.

But you’d be wrong.

Today I spent about three hours looking for this little bugger (Barbara contributed another hour of her time). Because it posts its location online when it’s active I knew it was very likely in the house because the last “track” ended at our address. But I couldn’t find it anywhere, despite looking high and low in every place it might be. Starting, of course, with those “standard”places. All to no avail.

I finally found it…about a foot and a half away from one of the places. In an area I had searched about half a dozen times during those first three hours.

Why didn’t I see it you ask? Take a look at this:

That’s the bottom left side of my bedside table. It fell off the top of the table — I blame our cat, Moose 🙂 — bounced off the side of my camera bag (green arrow) and came to rest under the edge of the table (red arrow; most of the table overhangs its base by about two inches, all around its circumference). Where it wasn’t easily visible unless you happened to look at just the right angle from above or in front of the table. What are the odds of that happening??

According to Murphy, pretty #@!$#!$$# good I’d say :).

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