Tioga and Sonora Passes

The images the above slider show is based on are large…so you may need to let your browser digest them all to see the images animate smoothly.

After doing Ebbetts Pass last fall I decided it would be fun to knock off all the rideable passes in California. I figured I’d start with Tioga Pass — after all, you can’t go wrong with Yosemite! — and Sonora Pass. A quick out and back to my home base in the Bay Area.

Only it took longer to arrange then I expected…mostly because we had so much late season snow this year that Tioga Pass didn’t officially open until July 1st!

No matter; it was well worth the wait. Even that (fortunately brief) 26% grade on California 108.

Click on the icons in the map below to read about what I encountered along the way. You can use the + and – buttons to zoom the map. When it’s zoomed in you can click and drag the map to move it around.


Thanx to Bugnatr over on the FJRForum for his advice on taking the Sonora Pass eastward. I was following it dutifully in making my reservations…or thought I was. Turns out I booked my lodging exactly backwards :). Oh well, the mountains aren’t going anywhere.

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