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Oh, The Ignominy!

Today I rode out to Skyline Drive (basically the spine of the Peninsula) and went down to Woodside via Huddart Park. The traffic was stop-and-go up Highway 92 to the Skyline turnoff because of everyone heading over to Half Moon Bay and the beach. Once I turned south there was almost no one else on the road. Just me, the forest, and some beautiful vistas to both the west and the east.

Descending into Woodside involved taking Kings Mountain Road, a reasonably steep and pretty twisty route. I was in second gear on that section for most of the way, and rarely exceeded 20 miles per hour. Better safe than sorry, after all, when you’re a new rider and you’re on an unfamiliar road.

But the end result was I got passed.

By two other riders.

On bicycles.

Oh, the shame! 🙂

Actually, it was almost comical. But only almost. Because one of the bicyclists rode parallel to me through some very twisty bits for long enough that I turned my head to him and said “dude, what do you think you’re doing?” In any kind of unfortunate interaction between me, my 30 pounds of protective gear and a 430 pound bike — and him in his biker shorts — I’m pretty sure I know who would end up on the short end of the stick. And it wouldn’t be me. I guess he just didn’t want to wait for a straighter stretch.

But that was only a brief annoyance on an otherwise beautiful ride. Punctuated by relaxing with a cappuccino and a lemon bar at Woodside Bakery & Cafe. Definitely a ride worth repeating.

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