A Long Sought Dream Realized

Today I took my new Honda CB500X for a spin.

Actually, no spinning was done. Nor any falling or slipping, for that matter. There was a bit of chugging/lugging on a few hills — have to relearn how to deal with a manual transmission on steep hills — and a little bit of tipping at one point. But that’s all.

Which is a good thing.

Overall the experience was a blast! I can’t wait to get back out on the road again (weather permitting; rain is a big turnoff). Turns out that 25 miles per hour on a bike feels much faster than 25 miles an hour in a car. More like doing 50 or more behind the wheel.

There were a few funny moments during the 20 miles I put on the bike today. As I drove off on my test ride I realized I’d never used the turn signals on a bike before. All the signals on the training bikes at the course I took were broken. I had no idea how to cancel a turn signal after making a turn (they don’t automatically cancel like in a car). Do you just slide the switch back? No, that just signals for a turn in the opposite direction! I’m sure I confused the drivers behind me: he’s going right…no, he’s going left…no, he’s going right again!

It turns out to be pretty simple: just press the signal switch in. That cuts off the current signal.

I wonder what I’ll learn next?

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