In Praise of the Sky

We’ve really been enjoying living in our rental property adjacent to where our new home is being built. As I’ve written about before, we love having a back yard again! It was something our prior San Carlos home, built into a hill, didn’t have.

Today I realized it’s not just the backyard which is so wonderful. Or rather, there’s an aspect to having a backyard which isn’t part of the yard per se, but is definitely part of the experience.

it’s the sky.

I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed just sitting outside watching stuff go on above me. And in San Carlos, our frequent clear blue skies make for an enormous, beautiful canvas.

As a kid in Dobbs Ferry I used to spend summer hours lying on the back lawn, watching clouds go by. It’s a restful, but surprisingly interesting, pastime. They tend to change and evolve like they’re alive, albeit more slowly than us humans.

Maybe I’ll take it up again. Although to get the full experience I’ll need to wait for the fall and winter for the clouds to appear :).

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