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Tricks of Memory

While I haven’t watched many episodes recently, I was a huge fan of the original Star Trek. My sister and I watched the episodes so often in reruns that we could almost always name them from the first few opening bars of music.

A year of so I ago I was given a BluRay collection of the first season. I left it unopened for quite a while, but after recently re-installing iTunes I decided to rip a few favorite episodes to my library.

When I looked at the show list in the package I was convinced they’d put the episodes in a different order for marketing purposes.

But I was wrong. A quick visit to Wikipedia proved my memory was what had changed. Because my very favorite episodes were in season two, I’d reshuffled everything to put all my favorites in season two. In reality, most of them were first year episodes, with only a handful — and my most favorite — in the second year (the third year, as any true Star Trek fan will tell you, is, with a few exceptions, best forgotten, or only discussed in mumbles).

It makes me wonder what else I “know” that just ain’t so :).

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