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It’s Not Just the Gut that Expands

Growing older is not for the faint of heart. But it can be confusing at times. As I relearned the other day while shopping for hiking shoes.

I know, and am familiar with, presbyopia, hearing loss (both acuteness and focusing ability) and the weight problems that result from a declining metabolism. But I never knew that one’s feet also expand!

I’ve been a 9.5 men’s ever since I was 16 years old. That measurement was so stable that I haven’t thought twice about it in decades. But I happened to check it while waiting to try on some new hiking shoes at REI and was shocked to discover my feet have grown a whole size. No wonder some of my shoes just didn’t feel quite right.

The clerk assured me that this happens to almost everyone…and almost everyone misinterprets the discomfort that would otherwise be a warning sign because none of us really pay much attention to our feet.

So learn from my mistake. If your feet start hurting as you get older, consider the possibility that it’s just the result of personal growth.

Man, maybe people should be issued a booklet on what it means to grow older :).

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