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Your Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman!

Barbara and I just got back from seeing the new Spiderman movie. In a word, it was superb!

I was more than a little ambivalent about going to see this particular movie. I have fond memories of the Tobey Maguire/Kirsten Dunst Spiderman. Going to a remake of a film I clearly remember was more than a little odd.

But the reboot is better than the original. The special effects are much improved — more fluid and natural — and the “Spidey eye” views swinging through the concrete canyons of New York were superb.

The key ingredient, though, was the writing, and the acting. I’m glad some people in Hollywood remember even audiences of effects-laden summer tent pole movies go to them to see a moving/powerful story about people.

As the father of a very smart daughter I was glad to see the Gwen Stacey character exhibit spunk, intelligence and depth. Emma Stone does a great job portraying her, and while holding her own manages some powerful chemistry with Andrew Garfield. Who does a wonderful turn as a gifted young man who, though fallible and socially awkward, has a good heart and the courage to recognize when he’s made mistakes and ultimately do what’s right.

Definitely a must see!

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