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Monarcas Mexican Cuisine

Hearing that Monarcas is a Mexican restaurant you’d probably assume you know its menu without even setting foot inside. I know I did. Which isn’t a criticism of Mexican food, by the way: I love Mexican food, and have many favorite Mexican restaurants.

But Monarcas is different. Without being trendy, it offers a take on Mexican food that I’ve never run across. Incorporating traditional ingredients, and carrying traditional names, the dishes provide some wonderfully different tastes.

As the chef explained to us, their goal is to take a more balanced approach, both in terms of flavor and nutrition, than you’ll find in your typical Mexican restaurant fare. The result is enticing, flavorful and light.

Check it out. They’re at 1107 San Carlos Avenue, two doors up from El Camino Real in San Carlos, California on the south side of the street. Their phone number is (650) 889-7870.

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