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Chet and Bernie

Mysteries told from the perspective of a detective’s dog. Sounds weird, but it not only works, the stories are fun to read. That’s the Chet and Bernie series, authored by Spencer Quinn.

Quinn has a knack for getting inside the head of Chet, the canine component of the detective team. Sure, this requires a certain suspension of disbelief, and there are anomalies aplenty. But if you’ve ever spent time with a dog you’ll immediately recognize the “reality” behind Chet’s internal monolog, and laugh your derriere off to boot. Even the continuity lapses — Chet, like any other dog, is easily distracted by food, smells, and other dogs — make sense. And the way he wanders into certain situations (“I really don’t like this guy. Wait, how’d I get over here with my teeth in his pant leg?”) does, too.

Granted, you won’t find social commentary or deeply convoluted plots here. But for a rollicking good time, give Chet and Bernie a try!

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