Boston Roads & Drivers

I wasn’t going to write about this — why poke fun at people who are obviously having enough difficulties as it is? — but I just can’t resist any longer.

Boston has to have the craziest drivers in the United States. Not that all of them, or even the vast majority of them, are nuts. But the ones that, umm, have challenges behind the wheel? Truly and completely deranged :).

But I think the problem is not just that a small portion of the drivers are crazy. No, I think it’s that a small portion of the drivers are provisionally unstable…and the roads push them over the edge.

Which is understandable, since it seems the greater Boston area must have hired every wacky road designer in the United States. And given them bonuses for laying out the road network as insanely as possible.

Oh, well, at least I’m only a visitor. I’m not sure I could survive living here :).

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