July 4, 2011

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The food was great, the company was wonderful, and the fireworks! Well, they were outstanding! Just the way they always are in Healdsburg!

Note to fellow photographers: these were all shot hand-held using a vibration-reduction zoom lens with the focus set at infinity. Most were taken at about 28mm (wide-angle). About a third of them were shot at high ISOs (i.e., anything up to and including 25,600) while the remainder were shot at ISO 200. I was experimenting with different ISOs based on some advice for photographing fireworks on Ken Rockewell’s site, www.kenrockwell.com (if you don’t know about Ken, you should — even if you disagree with some of his views on photography you’ll find a wealth of ideas on his site).

Next year I’ll bring my tripod to see if I can’t get some better “spectator”shots.

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