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Healdsburg, July 2011

If it’s July 4th, we must be in Healdsburg at my sister-in-law Katie’s house for her annual get-together and fireworks show. Well, technically I suppose the fireworks are courtesy of the City of Healdsburg, but I always think of it as her fireworks show!

While walking around the town I snapped a few interesting pictures (you can click on them to see larger versions). Here’s a patriotic mariachi band that someone built in their front yard:

This little guy sat patiently and obediently in the blazing heat for longer than I would’ve if I were him:

This next picture is very interesting to me because it’s of my beautiful wife of 27+ years. But it should be interesting to you because I took it without using flash in a very dim kitchen (we had all the lights off in an attempt to keep the temperature down). For an ISO 5000 picture it’s remarkably ungrainy and well-balanced, color-wise. Which is just another reason why I really love my new Nikon D7000 :).

p.s. to family members from Oz: that’s Katie’s brand new kitchen. It’s a very nice remodel!

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