London: Holiday Inn Express/City

Reflections on our just-completed trip to London and Edinburgh…

With the dollar being where it is, and us having booked our trip pretty much at the last minute (what a surprise :)) and given a desire not to totally break the bank we didn’t have a lot of choices as to lodging. On previous trips we’ve stayed in the Kensington area, but what was available this time around was more than we wanted to pay.

We opted instead to stay at the Holiday Inn Express/City, on Old Street past the City of London. For those, like me, who don’t know London that well, it’s located between St. Paul’s and the Tower. While the neighborhood was a little funky (certainly more so than Kensington) it was perfectly fine, and in fact we found a number of nice little restaurants within walking distance. There was a convenient Tube stop on the Northern Line a couple of blocks away, which is all we really needed so far as transport was concerned. After all, to paraphrase a sci fi cliche, once you’re at a Tube stop in London you’re halfway to everywhere.

Definitely recommended.

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