Land of the Giant Women

Reflections on our just-completed trip to London and Edinburgh…

Walking around London I had the subliminal impression that something was off. And I’m not talking about the subconscious fear that one is about to step off a curb and get plastered by a car because you were looking the wrong (right) way for traffic.

No, it was something to do with the people.

The first thing you notice about the crowds in London is that it’s actually kind of unusual to hear English being spoken. It seems like everyone is a tourist from another country! But that’s part of the aural environment, and not what was nagging at me.

One day as I walked into a crowd of young women it finally hit me: there are a lot of BIG women in London! And not in the Wal-Mart way, mind you; I’m talking height here. I’m just shy of six feet myself, and many of them clearly topped me. Granted, the prevalence of high heels played a role in this, but given that your average high heel still only adds two or three inches it means the person wearing them has to be pretty tall to begin with to punch through six feet.

And here I’d always been told Americans tend to be taller than most other nationalities. Maybe we’ve been trading height for breadth the last couple of decades… πŸ™‚

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