That’s My Boy!

Well, actually, he’s a young man of 19 years, and would have every right to be annoyed at being referred to as a juvenile. But hopefully he’ll cut me some slack on this, since “That’s My Young Man!” just doesn’t have quite the right ring to it… πŸ™‚

Our son and a bunch of his mates decided they’d rather hike than snowboard over the MLK weekend up in Washington State. So they hightailed it out to Orcas Island via ferry for a little backpacking excursion.

In the rain.

And the cold.

But — and this is the important part — they had a marvelous time. Plus, they managed to avoid getting eaten by bears, which is always a good thing on a backpacking trip.

I would never in a million years volunteer to go hike and sleep in the rain. Which is why I’m proud of him for doing it. I’m glad at least one of the men in this family isn’t put off by little things like wet clothes, a wet tent and a wet sleeping bag!

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