The Ultimate Democratic Endeavor

I read someplace that war is the ultimate democratic process, because all sides get a say in how it proceeds. I was reminded of this when glancing through a book on the Pacific theater of World War II the other day.

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Tragedy in Connecticut

I’ve had enough. Here’s an email I just sent to Congresswoman Speier, Senator Feinstein and Senator Boxer.

What happened in Connecticut today shows the failure of our current gun control efforts. It’s true that guns don’t kill people, people do. But this tragedy shows it is far too easy for deranged and destructive people to own firearms.

I accept that the Constitution grants individuals the right to bear arms. But even Justice Scalia, one of our most conservative, strict constructionist jurists, acknowledged the government’s power to regulate firearm possession.

Our elected leaders’ inability to address this problem is reprehensible. It’s time for Congress to stop anointing itself with the blood of innocents while aiding and abetting the crazies among us.

Enough is enough. Take the power of life and death away from the nutjobs. Today!

We Have Your Back

To the folks living with the aftermath of hurricane Sandy: we have your back.

We’d support you even if you weren’t part of the US of A. Because we’re that kind of people. But we’ll insist our public agencies — our government — go further, because you’re part of us. Just as we are part of you.

Something to think about for those who view government as always being part of the problem.

I’m Pretty Sure She Is

From someone who attended Maria Shriver’s Women’s Conference in Long Beach to hear Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman speak at a program hosted by NBC’s Matt Lauer:

“People are still wondering if [Whitman’s] a carbon-based life form.”

Always nice to see Star Trek references in modern culture :).

And… I’m pretty sure she is.

A carbon-based life form, I mean.

Because, gosh, everything else on the Earth is.