The Ultimate Democratic Endeavor

I read someplace that war is the ultimate democratic process, because all sides get a say in how it proceeds. I was reminded of this when glancing through a book on the Pacific theater of World War II the other day.

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USS Cassin Young

I walked the Freedom Trail in Boston today, ending up at the USS Constitution. I opted not to get in line to tour that ship — besides having a long line, while I understand the need for security I resent having to go through airport-style screening to get into what is effectively a museum — and went onboard the USS Cassin Young instead (it’s in dry dock next to the Constitution).

A fascinating example of a WWII destroyer (or destroyer escort). But the ship’s name was even more interesting.
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Rare World War II Photos

My friend Bruce (excuse me, Herr Doktor Professor Bruce :)) sent me an email with these photos embedded. They purport to be uncirculated, or at least rarely circulated.

Whatever their status, though, they are cool and very interesting. Enjoy!

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