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Whistler and Chalet Beau Sejour

Arthur and I did our second annual father/son skiing trip to Whistler, BC a few weeks ago. Unlike Tahoe at the time, Whistler had plenty of snow. Even better, it was pretty much all on the mountain and not on the roads :).

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That’s My Boy!

Only he’s not a boy anymore. He’s a fine young man, and a damn fine guitarist. This past weekend Barbara & I flew up to Bellingham, WA to see Walking Stick for the Giant perform at a local nightclub. That’s the band Arthur and his friends created. We had a blast! In the middle

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Way Cool Photos

One of the things I find fascinating about the internet is that it’s enabled wide-spread sharing of some amazing “assets”, at no charge. This morning, for example, my friend Bruce sent me a PowerPoint file that contained a bunch of fantastic photos that someone just launched into cyberspace. We’ll probably

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Now This Is Way Cool!

I’m sure many others have already had this experience, but it’s a new one for me. WiFi and internet access while cruising over Northern California at 34,000 feet doing 500+ knots! Sure, the connection gets a little slow at times. But the amazing thing about the singing horse isn’t how

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Chet and Bernie

Mysteries told from the perspective of a detective’s dog. Sounds weird, but it not only works, the stories are fun to read. That’s the Chet and Bernie series, authored by Spencer Quinn. Quinn has a knack for getting inside the head of Chet, the canine component of the detective team.

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Monarcas Mexican Cuisine

Hearing that Monarcas is a Mexican restaurant you’d probably assume you know its menu without even setting foot inside. I know I did. Which isn’t a criticism of Mexican food, by the way: I love Mexican food, and have many favorite Mexican restaurants. But Monarcas is different. Without being trendy,

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