In Praise of the Sky

We’ve really been enjoying living in our rental property adjacent to where our new home is being built. As I’ve written about before, we love having a back yard again! It was something our prior San Carlos home, built into a hill, didn’t have.

Today I realized it’s not just the backyard which is so wonderful. Or rather, there’s an aspect to having a backyard which isn’t part of the yard per se, but is definitely part of the experience.

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Paging July!

Here it is, July 23rd on the San Francisco Peninsula, and summer has yet to really put in an appearance. Sheesh, there are times it feels like November or February or something! Except for the days being somewhat longer, of course. What’s even worse, I can’t deal with my wife turning on the electric blanket. It feels like a violation of the laws of nature. It’s just not right.

Barbara heard the other day that this is the coldest summer the Peninsula’s had in 40 years. I believe it.

I just hope we actually get some kind of summer before the summer’s over. Maybe Southern California can ship some of its sky-high temperatures up this way. We could trade them water for it :).