In Praise of the Sky

We’ve really been enjoying living in our rental property adjacent to where our new home is being built. As I’ve written about before, we love having a back yard again! It was something our prior San Carlos home, built into a hill, didn’t have.

Today I realized it’s not just the backyard which is so wonderful. Or rather, there’s an aspect to having a backyard which isn’t part of the yard per se, but is definitely part of the experience.

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The Clock Is Running!

Today, after more weeks of delay and effort than I want to remember we — finally! — submitted the plans for our new home to the City.

If it weren’t for Dave Crabbe, who stepped in after we had to abandon our first architect due to glacial slowness (non-global-warming-impacted glacial slowness), we still wouldn’t have begun the design review process. Thanx, Dave!

There are a number of key hurdles left (e.g., hearing and attempting address issues raised by neighbors, approval by the Residential Design Review Committee, soliciting construction bids to see if we can afford to build what we’ve designed, getting building permits) and a lot of work to come (e.g., finishing off the interior design and landscaping, identifying all the appliances, fixtures and treatments). Not to mention getting the thing built.

But at least we’re moving!

And now, for those of you who found the title of this posting oddly familiar, here’s Tom Hanks in Apollo 13.